Free Experian Credit Score

Free Experian Credit Score

The credit score of a person is a numerical expression that is based on a person's previous credit files. It is a statistical analysis of all your previous credit ratings, and then a final credit score is offered. The credit score is evaluated by banks and firms to assess the potential risk that they might be taking by offering a loan to a person.

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For instance, if you have had a loan before, and you failed to make the payments on time, then your credit score would be bad, and hence not many companies or banks would be willing to offer you a loan on their part. But, if you did have a loan previously before and made all the payments on time and completed the installments in a timely manner, then your credit score would be high and hence, many banks and firms would be willing to offer you a place on their borrowers list.

At present, there are three separate national bureaus that are functioning. These bureaus maintain credit files and constantly update the credit scores of people depending upon their financial activity. Your credit score can change on a daily basis and that is why it is important to check it often to see if it's been updated.

The three firms are TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. You can easily get a profile from each of the firms every year, and then you can use it to monitor your credit score in an efficient manner. The credit profile that you set up with that business would include your first and last name, your address, where you are employed, histories of all the credits and the loans that are registered under your name, all the inquiries that you might have made, and all your collection records and public records like all bankruptcy filings and tax liens.

Every national bureau keeps track of your credit score up to the last seven years, so if you wish to maintain a good score, it is wise that you keep on the good side of all these three national bureaus.

With the help of Identity Guard, you can easily view your credit score rating by just paying a monthly fee of $14.95 for one of the best credit score monitoring services online. This is quite viable, because you get to keep track of all your credit scores and you don't need to go to separate firms to monitor your track scores. All you have to do is make a few clicks, open up your profile via Identity Guard and view your Free Experian Credit Score.

Moreover, if you are not fully satisfied with the service you are getting, the Identity Guard also features a one month free trial option so that you can check it first before purchasing the full version. It's extremely convenient, and with the identity Guard, you can easily view all your credit scores daily. Keeping track of your credit scores is extremely important because if you don't you might never know why all the banks and firms are rejecting your applications for a loan. You can just log on the web site and check for your credit score so that you know how deep you are in the water. You can get your free Experian credit score, your free Equifax credit score, and your free Transunion credit score.
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