Free Equifax Credit Score

Free Equifax Credit Score

Equifax is one of the three national bureaus that monitor credit card scores. It is highly established, and analyses all your credit dealings before coming out with a verdict and the numerical analysis of your credit score. Your credit score is extremely important because if it is low, then the chances are quite high that your applications for loans would be rejected by mostly all the banks and the reputed firms.

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Your credit score is an expression that is based on the statistical analysis of all your past credit dealings up to the last seven years. So, in order to maintain a good credit score, you need to pay all your bills and your installments on time so that your credit score does not fall to low credit score numbers.

Basically, if you fail to make the payments on time, your credit score would keep on falling and then no bank or firm would be ready to give you a place on their list of borrowers. Therefore, it is always wise to make payments on time because only then would the banks be able to make more concessions to you and think of you as a reliable customer who poses little or no harm to their financial institution.

Equifax is an extremely important national bureau, and it accounts for one third of your overall credit score rating. So, it is wise to take good care of your credit score over all so that the one that is generated from Equifax also remains positive. Your credit score is usually rated in the range of 300-850, and when it is over 700, and then you can feel safe and be assured that the credit score is good. It is what the companies refer to as a safe customer who poses little or no harm to their business and it is always good to make your payments on time.

You also need to keep track of your credit score because if you don't know what your credit scores then you won't be able to improve it. The only idea that should be clear in your head is that a good credit score comes from timely payments and installments and the opposite of that would result in negativity. To check your credit scores, you can use a program like Identity Guard to assist you. Identity Guard is a great online program that lets you keep in touch with all three of your credit scores that are set up by the three different national bureaus, namely Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Identity Guard lets you view your credit scores from the comfort of your home by only paying a monthly amount of $14.95 and you can easily check it online. Identity Guard is a great credit score tracking software that also offers a one month trial period for people who feel that they might have some suspicions about this credit score tracking software. You can easily check your free Equifax credit score online with its help along with your free Experian credit score and free Transunion credit score. Start your 30 day free trial today.
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